Author Guideline

Spelling Rules and Style of Citation

All material to be considered for publication in the Journal Modernism and Postmodernism Studies (JOMOPS), before submission and blind review, should be prepared in accordance with the instructions below. (Please DOWNLOAD THE MANUSCRIPT TEMPLATE) (The manuscript of Turkish authors must include a Turkish abstract before English one. Please go to Turkish page)

* Author information should not be included in the content and file name of the submitted manuscript. Submissions with author information will be rejected.

* Manuscripts should be in Turkish or in English.

*  Manuscripts sent to the journal should not have been previously published elsewhere and should not have been sent to another journal for publication.

* Manuscripts that do not comply with the Journal’s Style Guide will not be evaluted.

* Authors should submit the plagiarism report (similarity report by any program or online) of their work with the submission of the article. Studies without a plagiarism report will not be evaluated. A match of less than 25% excluding bibliography is acceptable.

* Manuscripts submitted to the journal should comply with the following: a) All manuscripts on stardard A4 vertical size word document with the margins 2.5 cm on all sides. b) Except for the abstract, keywords and reference pages, manuscripts should be no less than 2000 and no more than 15000 words in length. The text should be written in Times New roman 11 point font with a single space format on Microsoft Word.

* Manuscripts should include the following parts in the same order and should be structured according to the following instructions:

(The manuscript of Turkish authors must include a Turkish abstract before English one. Please go to Turkish page)

Title: The title of the manuscript should be centered and written in UPPERCASE with 12 point font, bold type. 

Abstract:  The abstract should be single-spaced in one paragraph and written in 10 point font. Word limit: 150-300 words.

Keywords: A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 keywords which identify the content of the work should be presented. Each keyword must be separated by a comma.

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th edition) should be taken into consideration.

- Annexes: Additional tables, figures, graphics and pictures should be given in a new page after the references. Each supplement; Appendix 1 should be listed as Appendix 2 and each appendix should be titled separately. If there is an element used in addition, directions towards this element should be given in the text.

- In the main text, main headings should be written in 11 pt. CAPITAL LETTERS bold, and subheadings should be written in lowercase, 11 pt.

- In the manuscript, it is necessary to indicate the quotations and the sources used. Short direct quotations to be made in the text should be given in quotation marks (“…”). Long quotations (more than 40 words) should be placed 2 cm from the left and 2 cm from the right after the indent, without using quotes. It should be written in plain and 10 font size.

- Photographs, diagrams, etc. If visual material is used, the source must be indicated. Legal responsibility for permission or copyright matters belongs to the authors of the work.

- Authors cannot make any major changes (adding a chapter, paragraph, table, picture, graphic, adding another author / author's name to the article afterwards, etc.) on their work (excluding referee change suggestions), whose referee evaluation process has been completed.


Process of Review
The manuscripts submitted to JOMOPS are initially evaluated by the editors and the Editorial Board.  The review process begins for the manuscripts that are found acceptable. According to their subjects, manuscripts are sent to reviewers from the relevant fields. The member of the Editorial Board that examines the work may suggest the reviewers according to their areas of expertise from the Journal’s reviewer pool, or may suggest new reviewer(s) in line with the research area of the manuscript. The suggested reviewers are evaluated by the editors, and the manuscript is sent to reviewers. The reviewers must reply within 3 days whether they can evaluate the work or not.

The reviewers are given 21 days to send their reports. Authors must respond to the reviewer’s suggestions and revise their works within 7 days at the latest. Reviewers may suggest not more than two rounds of revision for the same manuscript. Reviewers are required to evaluate the revised work (submitted after at most two rounds of revision) and arrive at a decision on the manuscript (i.e. accept or reject).
In the event of a manuscript being accepted for publication by the reviewers and the Editorial Board, the editors make the final decision and inform the author.